Saturday, September 1, 2007

HLeBroking: Now serving news from Reuters

Just accessed my HLeBroking account, and I was pleasantly surprised with their new page layout and more importantly: the Reuters logo. According to the announcement, the world market news will now be provided by Reuters.

So, what does it means to us?

From my unofficial mouse-clicking browsing, it seemed that the archive only goes as far back as August 2007, which means only one months worth of news archive. That's a sign that HLeBroking's subscription was pretty limited at the moment, which, at its present state, might not be as useful as we would think. So as much they do provide a search feature that searches based on stock code, it would only be quite useful for large-cap companies which has more news coverage with only a month's archive.

Hopefully, HLeBroking would opt for a subscription package that allows its users so access a larger archive, that would prove to be a useful tool for investors having an account there.

If you have an account at HLeBroking, you can access Reuter's news archive under the Research menu.

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